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Antagonism of B Cell Enhancer Networks by STAT5 Drives Leukemia and Poor Patient Survival

Katerndahl CDS, Heltemes-Harris LM, Willette MJL, Henzler CM, Frietze S, Yang R, Schjerven H, Silverstein KAT, Ramsey LB, Hubbard G, Wells AD, Kuiper RP, Scheijen B, van Leeuwen FN, M¸schen M, Kornblau SM, Farrar MA.
Nat Immunol. 2017 Jun;18(6):694-704.

PMID: 28369050

Ndfip1 Restricts mTORC1 Signaling and Glycolysis in Regulatory T Cells to Prevent Autoinflammatory Disease

Layman AAK, Deng G, O'Leary CE, Tadros S, Thomas RM, Dybas JM, Moser EK, Wells AD, Doliba NM, Oliver PM. 

Nat Commun. 2017 Jun 5;8:15677.

PMID: 28580955

A Dementia-Associated Risk Variant near TMEM106B Alters Chromatin Architecture and Gene Expression

Gallagher MD, Posavi M, Huang P, Unger TL, Berlyand Y, Gruenewald AL, Chesi A, Manduchi E, Wells AD, Grant SFA, Blobel GA, Brown CD, Chen-Plotkin AS.
Am J Hum Genet. 2017 Nov 2;101(5):643-663.

PMID: 29056226

Implicating Candidate Genes at GWAS Signals by Leveraging Topologically Associating Domains

Way GP, Youngstrom DW, Hankenson KD, Greene CS, Grant SF.
Eur J Hum Genet. 2017 Nov;25(11):1286-1289.

PMID: 28792001

Foxp3 and Toll-Like Receptor Signaling Balance Treg Cell Anabolic Metabolism for Suppression

Gerriets VA, Kishton RJ, Johnson MO, Cohen S, Siska PJ, Nichols AG, Warmoes MO, de Cubas AA, MacIver NJ, Locasale JW, Turka LA, Wells AD, Rathmell JC.

Nat Immunol. 2016 Dec;17(12):1459-1466.

PMID: 27695003

The Type 2 Diabetes Presumed Causal Variant within TCF7L2 Resides in an Element That Controls the Expression of ACSL5

Xia Q, Chesi A, Manduchi E, Johnston BT, Lu S, Leonard ME, Parlin UW, Rappaport EF, Huang P, Wells AD, Blobel GA, Johnson ME, Grant SFA.
Diabetologia. 2016 Nov;59(11):2360-2368.

PMID: 27539148

Long-Range Transcriptional Control of the IL2 Gene by an Intergenic Enhancer

Mehra P, Wells AD.
Mol Cell Biol. 2015 Nov;35(22):3880-91.

PMID: 26351138

DNA Binding by FOXP3 Domain-Swapped Dimer Suggests Mechanisms of Long-Range Chromosomal Interactions

Chen Y, Chen C, Zhang Z, Liu CC, Johnson ME, Espinoza CA, Edsall LE, Ren B, Zhou XJ, Grant SF, Wells AD, Chen L.
Nucleic Acids Res. 2015 Jan;43(2):1268-82.

PMID: 25567984

Two Novel Type 2 Diabetes Loci Revealed Through Integration of TCF7L2 DNA Occupancy and SNP Association Data

Johnson ME, Zhao J, Schug J, Deliard S, Xia Q, Guy VC, Sainz J, Kaestner KH, Wells AD, Grant SF.

BMJ Open Diabetes Res Care. 2014 Dec 1;2(1):e000052.

PMID: 25469308

A ChIP-seq-Defined Genome-Wide Map of MEF2C Binding Reveals Inflammatory Pathways Associated With Its Role in Bone Density Determination

Johnson ME, Deliard S, Zhu F, Xia Q, Wells AD, Hankenson KD, Grant SF.
Calcif Tissue Int. 2014 Apr;94(4):396-402.

PMID: 24337390